Who We Are

Our Message, Values, Mission & Vision, History, and Facilities.


What to Expect on Sunday

Redemption church is a non-denominational, contemporary worship service.  The preaching is Bible centered, Gospel driven and expository in style.  We start and conclude service with musical worship by means of a full live band, echoing Biblical truths and the Gospel message.

The environment is casual and welcoming.  You don’t have to get dressed up to join us… just come as you are. We’re more interested in what’s going on inside of you than what’s on the outside of you.

Children are important to us! One of our highest priorities is having a safe place where your children can enjoy time with God as you do the same. We have age appropriate activities for kids from birth through 6th grade during our worship services.


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
(what we are here to do): to declare and demonstrate God’s plan of redemption in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:
(what we desire to see): an ever-growing group of people from the Lower Burrell area redeemed by Jesus and on mission together to seek and to save the lost in our community.


Our Values

We believe that God’s Word (preached, taught, shared among each other, and studied individually, etc.) is the means by which God grows His people.

When we say our mission is to declare and demonstrate God’s plan of redemption (the gospel), we mean that our aim is always the salvation of those who are apart from Christ. We declare this plan of God’s by clearly articulating the gospel through all means available and we demonstrate this plan by compassionately pursuing people with the love God has placed in our hearts.

Grace-Based, Daily Discipleship:
The Christian faith is not merely a set of beliefs to be affirmed as true. It is a new life and a call to follow Jesus daily. To be a Christian means to be seeking to grow in three areas: walking with God, loving each other, and seeking the lost. In all of these areas we strive for what we call "imperfect progress", relying on the grace and mercy of God each step of the way.

We strongly desire to raise up and send out Christian leaders from within our midst to plant churches and do gospel ministry outside of Redemption Church to wherever God may be calling them. We hope that this means planting other churches in Western PA as well as around the world.

Our adopted statement of faith document is available here: Statement of Faith


Our Roots

How did we get here?

Redemption Church was born out of the pastoral ministry and calling of Fred Neal.  Pastor Fred Neal has been in pastoral ministry since 2003 and faithfully has been preaching and teaching the Bible to those he was called to shepherd.   In 2019 Pastor Fred and his family faithfully responded to the call on their lives to leave their current ministry and take the Gospel to a new location.  Lower Burrell is uniquely positioned in that, there are nearly 150,000 people located within 20 minutes - a great launching pad for the spread of the Gospel message.  During 2019, a launch team was founded and Redemption Church started growing.  We met prior to the public launch as a launch team where the team was equipped with the mission, vision, and values of Redemption Church. September 8th 2019 was the first public service of Redemption church and our history is being written daily.


Our Facilities

Where do we meet for service?

We currently at 232 Hillcrest Drive, Lower Burrell PA 15068.  The building is located directly behind the VW dealership on Rt 56, and beside the Hillcrest Country Club.